Frequently Asked Questions



Can I reserve an item?

Yes! To reserve a rental package, contact a 4:4:4 Camera rental agent at [email protected] or call at 214.630.7228 (Dallas) or 504.734.3973 (New Orleans). Let us know the date you’d like to pick up the gear and the date you’d like to return it. We will send you a quote for the package and copies of our rental paperwork. When all paperwork has been completed and the final rental package approved, we will confirm your reservation by email. Your account will not be charged until your order has been returned.

What paperwork do I need to complete?

For every rental, we require a signed copy of the Terms and Conditions outlined in our Lease Agreement. For new clients or those who would like to use a new form of payment, we require a Credit Card Authorization Form. If you would like to apply for net payment terms, please complete our New Account Application Form.

You can access our Rental Forms on our website: The Rental Process.

Are there any special requirements for renting certain items?

We ask you to obtain independent insurance if you don’t already carry production insurance. We will need to have a Certificate of Insurance that covers rented production equipment for at least the replacement value of the items on the order. The certificate must name 4:4:4 Camera as an additional insured and loss payee.

Can I ask for help in deciding what to rent?

Absolutely! We have rental agents answering phones and emails every weekday from 8:00 AM – 5:30PM CST. We have staff monitoring emails at night and on the weekend, so you can contact us then as well.

What if I need to pick up my order early in the morning or drop-off outside your normal hours?

We can’t guarantee your order will be ready for pick-up before 10:30 AM, without advanced notice. If you let us know that you’ll need to pick it up earlier than that, we may be able to have it ready for you earlier. Likewise, if you need to drop off your order earlier or later than our operating orders, just let us know.

What if I want something you don’t carry?

Please contact us. We’re dedicated to making sure you get the package you need for your shoot.




Is the equipment in good condition?

Before and after each rental, our technical support team checks every piece of equipment. As our equipment is used regularly, there may be scuff marks on cases or metal parts. If there is any effect on image quality, the equipment will be sent to the manufacturer for servicing.

What if I damage the equipment?

Let us know immediately. Our lease agreement states that if the equipment is broken you are responsible for either replacing it or paying for repairs. If it is not repairable, we’ll charge you the cost of the replacement value. We do not charge you rental fees while the equipment is being repaired as long as you let us know about the damage before you send the equipment back.

What do you consider damage?

Any major scratches or scuff marks on lenses and impact damage on mechanical parts are considered damage. Minor scuff marks to equipment are considered normal use, not damage.

What happens if the equipment doesn’t work as promised?

We are 100% committed to making everything right. If it isn’t working right, just email or call us and let us help you check it out first. Often times, the issue is something we can solve with you over the phone or via email.

If a piece of equipment is really broken, we will replace it immediately within the limitations of our stock. If time constraints prevent us getting a replacement to you before your shoot, we will refund the rental price as soon as the gear is returned. By renting, you agree that if you don’t notify us of a problem within 24 hours of experiencing an issue, we are not responsible for replacing or refunding the equipment.

If you ordered the wrong item, don’t know how to use it, or didn’t know the limitations of the equipment, we will work with you to get you something more suitable, but we will not be able to give you a complete refund.




When do you charge my credit card?

We charge your credit card after the equipment is returned. This will be between 1-3 days after your rental period finishes.

What is your policy on cancellations?

If you cancel your order before it leaves our shop, there is no penalty or fee for canceling your order. If you decide to cancel your order after it has left our location, you will only be charged a 1-Day rental rate for the cancelled order.

Can I return an order early for a refund?

Yes. If you’d like to return your order early, please let us know as soon as possible.

Can I extend my rental?

As long as we have stock, we’re happy to extend your rental. If you wait until the order is overdue to request an extension, we cannot guarantee availability.

What if I am late with my return?

Please contact us as soon as possible.



What if I leave my data on a media card I rented from you?

Unfortunately, we can’t promise that your audio/video will be kept on the card you rented, as we generally erase and format all cards immediately on return.